“On a Mission” with Ron Armstrong from Sponsored by Grace

Each week on On a Mission, our host Penny Kievet talks to people doing good things around Jacksonville. This week, Brittany Shaw fills in for Penny to talk to Ron Armstrong from Sponsored by Grace.

Our vision is to empower local children to rise up out of poverty to become leaders through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Invest: We are willing to go and cry out in prayer for God to “send us”. Community transformation begins with the neighbors, not the programs.

Grow: Real improvement takes more than service. It requires a growth mindset and yearning for a brighter future. We encourage leadership and envision local youth leading the revival.

Empower: In order to see real transformation in these children’s community, we must reweave the very fabric of the community.
To learn more, visit https://www.sponsoredbygrace.org