“The Horse’s Mouth” – Effects of COVID-19 on Businesses

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Tom’s longtime love of bartending has come full circle since his days as a linebacker on the inaugural Jacksonville Jaguars football team—slinging drinks and talking shop with everyone from high-profile sports figures and entertainers to business leaders, journalists, and community leaders. Tom and guests trade insight and anecdotes, explore day-to-day topics and tackle the hard subjects, all with equal measures of energy, honesty, and laughter. Get the skinny on the real people behind the headlines, straight from the horse’s mouth.

This week, Tom spoke with James Lampke from Robert Half Technology, Jeff Hootselle from Auditmacs, David Webb from BrightMove, Mark Bishop from TSYS Global Payments, and Andrew Harbert from Perficient, Inc.

How is COVID-19 affecting your business? 

Andrew Harbert

We’re a technology solutions company. I’m on a project with Florida Blue now, helping out people writing their applications and getting those out to the public.

Jeff Hootselle

Software is big, especially software as a service. It’s a space we live in every day. With all the work from home stuff that’s in the news, software is the key component. So, the cloud is dominating everything. Software is what is enabling a lot of businesses to keep running.

David Webb

For 16 years, we’ve been writing applicant tracking systems that run staff and companies and HR departments. We were recently named the number one applicant tracking system overall. There’s a lot of H.R techs specifically in the North Florida area. You can trace it all the way back to the 80s when AT&T put a big call center here and the staffing industry gelled around it to make that happen.

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