“Jax Leaders: Secrets to Success” with Gary Musicante from Musicante Associates

Each week on “Jax Leaders: Secrets to Success”, our host, Jessica Franzini, talks to Leaders from around the city about their secrets to success. This week, Jessica spoke to Gary Musicante from Musicante Associates.

Musicante Associates is a business coaching and consulting firm that helps to improve personal and organizational success.

To learn more, visit https://www.musicanteassociates.com.

What do you feel are your key personal factors for your success?:
1. Listen more than talk
2. Empathy
3. Authenticity
4. Strategic planning

What is the biggest mistake you would tell your younger self to avoid?: Listen to both your heart and mind. Be less concerned about what others think

Do you have a mentor and do you feel it is important to have one?: I had a mentor when I was in Grad School. Thirty-five years later and I’m still regularly reminded of the power of their insights and guidance.

Is there a book you can recommend that would be valuable to read for someone starting out in business?: Becoming a Resonant Leader by Annie McKee and Richard Boyatzis. Using Emotional Intelligence, resonant leaders find ways to connect with others to build strong, trusting relationships

How do you achieve balance between your professional life and personal life?: It’s important to establish and maintain boundaries. When we indicate our personal time is critical to recharging, most will respect those boundaries. If they do not, perhaps it’s time for a change