JamieRocks & Co introduces the BE…Collection

Jacksonville based and women owned jewelry wholesaler, JamieRocks & Co, is introducing a new line of fashion jewelry.

The new line is called “Be…”. This line is focused on fashionable, high quality jewelry. The products in this line are just a step above the products in the original JamieRocks & Co line. JamieRocks & Co focuses on delivering unique designs to their customers, this line will continue to drive that focus while targeting a more sophisticated buyer.

When it came to naming the new line JamieRocks & Co’s CEO, Dawn Kenney, was inspired by her granddaughter, Brave. Kenney called Brave, B for short. While working on this line she couldn’t get “B” out of her mind. After brainstorming, this turned into “Be…”

“The most important thing to Be…is you or is it?” Kenney said, “maybe today you don’t feel like being you. Maybe today you feel bold, adventurous but tomorrow you may feel kind or humble. The most important thing is being real to how you are feeling now. The desire is for this brand name to be simple, to the point, but also, for the brand to cover the new concept. Be… covers all of those things”.

Jewelry empowers women to be who they want to be. “Be…” is short and sweet but is empowering, as with jewelry you can change who you want to “Be…” every day. Our carding will focus on our name “Be…” on the front, and on the back, we will feature empowering adjectives. “Be… Unique, Be… Chic, Be… You”. Our bracelets will include not only some beautiful stackable natural stones, crystal and other high-quality pieces with the BE… emblem, but also, the line will offer interchangeable positive word bangles to add to your stack! BE…That Girl! Or whoever you feel like today.

About JamieRocks & Co
JamieRocks & Co is a wholesale designer of fashion jewelry and accessories.
Designed for today’s active woman, JamieRocks & Co offers one-of-a-kind, whimsical jewelry pieces and fashion accessories that are affordable, stylish and unique. Now, being luxurious can be attainable for the everyday working woman who seeks to stand out in a crowd. From ostentatious earrings to timeless classics, the high-quality and reasonably priced jewelry and accessories are a must have for all fashion retailers. With JamieRocks & Co, women from every social status and every walk of life can enjoy and pamper themselves with alluring jewelry and accessories that showcases their genuine essence.