“Buzzworthy Businesses” with Mindy Lepp and Howard Wolpoff

Each week on “Buzzworthy Businesses” our hosts, Jesse Stakes and Steve Strum, talk to business leaders around Jacksonville who are doing great things in the community. Today, Jesse & Steve talk to Mindy Lepp, from Lepp Design, and Howard Wolpoff, from Profit Master Business Solutions.

Profit Master Business Solutions helps the small business owner who has been working too hard and for too long and not seeing the results of their efforts in their business grow their leads, sales and revenues and finally begin to see the year to year growth that they always hoped for. To learn more, visit https://profitmasterbusinesssolutions.com.

Leppdesign offers ongoing marketing services (social media, website, print, etc) to companies who are big enough to need marketing, but not SO big that they have enough marketing work to justify hiring an employee for 8 hours/day. To learn more, visit https://www.leppdesign.com.