Run For Your Wife by Self Produced Theatre

Up next for Self Produced Theatre is Run For Your Wife. The show is offered from Feb. 8 to 16 at St Nicholas Park Christian Church.

The show, a British farce by Ray Cooney,is under the direction of Self Produced Theatre’s founder and Artistic Director, Tyler Lewis, who also plays a minor role in the show. Run For Your Wife’s sponsors include Blake Osner, William A. McArthur Jr, and Alfa Dental Management.

The show begins with two very different women (portrayed by Rhonda Fisher and Ashley Harper) each calling London police stations about their missing husband, a taxi driver who, by all accounts appears extremely ordinary. The twist is that they are both married to the same taxi driver. As John Smith (portrayed by Jonathon Yates) returns from a night of heroics, having saved an elderly woman from two muggers, everyone from police to press to a flamboyant dress designer, wants to speak with him. Complication is piled on as John and his neighbor, Stanley (portrayed by Jas Abramowitz), tell different lies to different people, threatening to expose John’s double life.

Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased here or by calling (904) 800-8568. For information, visit or @self.produced on Facebook and Instagram.