“Marketing Champions” with Aleksander Hadzhiyski from Titan Agency Marketing Ltd

Aleksander Hadzhiyski
Founder and CEO Titan Agency Marketing Ltd
Website Address: www.titanagency.co.uk

Each week on “Marketing Champions,” our host talks to media experts across the country.  This week our host speaks with Aleksander Hadzhiyski from Titan Agency Marketing Ltd. To learn more, check out https://titanagency.co.uk.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

With new privacy policies coming up every couple of months, we are going to have less and less data to work with. I think this opens a huge market to 3rd party tools to help with data tracking. We are already seeing some in the market that help a lot. They will probably become a necessity, because data is what drives our decisions in marketing. You need to know what is working and what is not working, so you can optimize your strategy, scale, and eliminate what is not working.

Also, building an email list with people interested in the brand and customers who bought from you is key. You own that data. And no policy or change on social media can take that from you. Another thing I am seeing is businesses that rely on only 1 platform might find it difficult to grow, because they are dependent on that platform for the business to grow and sustain. Any change in the algorithm or advertising platform directly affects the revenue and makes it very hard to grow, because with the changes happening every couple of months the sales are inconsistent. That is why business owners should use all available tools and platforms to grow and get exposure.

TikTok                                                                                                                          – Business owners saying it’s not their platform                                                                – Their audience is not there

– Most downloaded app for the past 2 years
– Almost the same user base as Instagram, and IG has been with us for so long
– The average time spent on TikTok globally is 52 minutes, while it is 28 minutes on Instagram.
– Organic growth is huge And this is what we have been doing with all of our clients. We advertise on at least 2 platforms and we focus also on email marketing. And it is doing wonders for us.

What makes your company unique?

I think our personal approach is what makes us stand out. I feel like consumers are tired of seeing the same type of ads, the same type of emails and websites. What we try to do with each of our clients is to make them unique and really connect with their customers, and it’s what allows us to help our clients grow.

What is your biggest pain point when it comes to digital advertising?

In general, the biggest pain point would be the ever changing nature of the industry. However, that can easily be seen as an opportunity as well, since not everyone manages to adapt.

What tools do you use to plan, buy, traffic, analyze or report media?

Meta ads, TikTok ads, Pinterest ads, Google ads, and Klaviyo Email Marketing

What percent of your advertising service offerings does Digital media buying make up?


What Industry Best Represents Your Company?

Advertising & Marketing