BUZZ TV -“Arts Unleashed” with David Hopper, Auditmacs

Each week on Arts Unleashed, our host Ellen Cottrill talks to buzz worthy artists about buzz worthy art. This week, Ellen talks to David Hopper, the CEO of Auditmacs and also a photographer. David Hopper is a leading authority on cloud, mobility, and telecommunications management. As CEO of Auditmacs, Hopper has been creating transformative cost reduction strategies that leverage technology, software, process, and market intel to create tangible value for some of the most recognizable companies in the world.

Hopper has won numerous awards including “Ultimate CEO” and is known as an innovative culture leader with a laser focus on perfecting the client experience. Many publications speak to Auditmacs’ performance and most importantly to the partnership clients feel with Hopper.

While winning awards like Best Places to Work and numerous growth awards, Hopper is also focused on a writing a book called ACE, the Auditmacs Culture Experience which is a unique balance of value creation and likeability. The Auditmacs tagline “Enjoy the Process, Love the Relationship, Accelerate the Results” is an example of Hopper’s commitment to culture. Hopper has also given multiple speaking engagements on leadership.

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