“Ask the Doc” with Audrey Roach, LCSW from Beaches Therapy DBT & Mindfulness Center

Each week on “Ask the Doc,” our host Jennifer Filzen sits down with health professionals from all across the country and asks them the important questions about health and the healthcare industry. Today, Jennifer had the honor to sit down with Audrey Roach, LCSW with Beaches Therapy DBT & Mindfulness Center.

Beaches Therapy DBT & Mindfulness Center is an adherent comprehensive DBT group practice focusing on gold star evidence based treatments that improve the lives of their clients. They provide skills and relief for those suffering from anxiety, depression and mood disorders, OCD, BPD, self harm and suicidal ideation. They engage their clients in learning mindfulness meditation as it is infused in their treatment protocols and best practice data outcomes.

To learn more, visit www.beachestherapy.com.