Making A Difference: Lisa Rinaman

During Hurricane Irma, Jacksonville residents suffered severe damage to their property and civic infrastructure as a result of flooding. Dredging and straightening the rivers increases the risk of flooding because rivers revert to their natural path when flood waters rise. The St. Johns Riverkeeper mission is to be an independent voice that defends, advocates and activates others to protect and restore the St. Johns River.

Lisa Rinaman, chief advocate of the St. Johns Riverkeeper, explains why protecting the integrity of the St. Johns river is important. “One of the reasons we flooded so badly after Hurricane Irma is that we’re our own worst enemy,” Lisa said. “We have antiquated infrastructure put in place in the 1970’s and before. In changing the natural flow of our river we’ve created a superhighway for the Atlantic Ocean.” Lisa continues to advocate for the conservation of the St. Johns River and protect the wildlife and people around it.

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