Two Dudes To Open Second Location in Ponte Vedra Beach

The owners of Two Dudes Seafood Restaurant Jenne and Tom Corsano are a month away from opening a second Two Dudes, with the opening currently planned for August 1st. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the Players Café property, it was just what Tom and Jenne had been waiting for. They will realize a vision Tom has had since 1995;  two restaurants with one kitchen as he described it to me when we spoke last week. They believed the success of the current restaurant would travel to a new and larger location, plus it was close to home.

Tom shared the plan for the new site and the changes longtime fans of the original Two Dudes can expect to experience.  One of the first and perhaps the biggest each restaurant will be its own entity, the Players Café will have its signage and entrance as will Two Dudes Seafood Restaurant. A total remodel of the entire space currently in progress will create a casual beach atmosphere. Tables will be fashioned from reclaimed wood just as they are at the current location, beautiful dark hardwood floors, high-end fixtures in the ceilings and bathrooms will be the norm.  The chalkboard menu will remain, as well as the beach style decorations. Seating currently limited to 49 now increased to 80 with outside seating for 18. For those who love the menu, it will remain as it is with the addition of expanded fish options. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is full bar service at both restaurants, with and increased wine list and more beer options. Lunch and Dinner will remain the meal options starting at 11 a.m and closing at 10 p.m.

Changes to the Players Café, a total remodel of the interior will be completed; space provides seating for 60 inside and 18 outside with accommodations for large parties up to 25. The menu will be updated with fresh entrees; many dishes items remain unchanged.  The kitchen will use fresh ingredients, with everything made in-house, the exception being the french fries. Service at Players Café begins at 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Tom also stressed that both restaurants take RESERVATIONS. As a family with small children, they see the need, if a family wants to dine at a particular time and have little ones having a reservation is almost a guarantee of a no long wait situation. Both restaurants offer the “Kids Eat Free” option for children eight yrs. and under.

New Address for Two Dudes Seafood

262 Solana Rd

Pote Verda Beach, Florida 32082 2297