BUZZ TV – Shane Cheshire, Substation 66

Buzz TV Host Stephen Strum is a Financial Advisor with the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. With 20 years’ experience in management and sales leadership, most noteworthy for management of flagship institutions and achievement of large financial goals. Steve has contributed to several charities, educational events, and philanthropic organizations. Steve is a native of South Florida who relocated to Jacksonville in 2005. Steve completed his MBA at Nova Southeastern University, graduating Sigma Beta Delta.
We here at SubStation 66 would like to get the word out about our goal, and I want to invite all Chefs, Restaurateurs, Food Truckers, and Foodies of all levels to let us come in and explore what they are offering up and to tell the folks of our beautiful city, THEIR story. I want to be able to break down, extend to the public if you will, what day to day life of Chefs consist off. Also, most importantly is to educate the locals and tourists alike to transform our city into the nourishing, thriving culinary community that I know it can be. As well as, assist in the locally ever-growing and significant problem of Jacksonville’s hunger-related issues.