5 Minutes With Celeste Everett CEO of The Vegan Warriors

Why do you think veteran’s make outstanding entrepreneurs? How do you transition from the service to the world of business?

Veterans make outstanding entrepreneurs due to the values we learned in the military. For example, teamwork is one of the principles we practice within the military. Many people from all over the nation come together as a team to complete a mission effectively. As an entrepreneur, you need partners that believe in your business and help you move it forward.
Transitioning from the service to the world of business wasn’t too complicated. For me, the idea of starting my business was something always on my mind. I thought of several companies to begin before I accepted to start in the technology industry. Once I decided on what I wanted to do, I start researching and aligning myself with business minded people. Then, I completed the paperwork required to open my business. Immediately, I began providing services to local clients.

What inspired you to become a Vetrepreneur?

My inspiration for me becoming a Vetrepreneur stemmed from my childhood experiences. My dad worked a full-time job, and he was a freelance photographer too. I saw how he ran his photography business. I was involved with helping him as being his model and assisting as needed. Hence, there are many photos of me as I grew up. Also, my dad would drive me around my hometown of Folkston, GA to family members who own their businesses. They had successful restaurants, gas stations, and other business ventures. As I observed this as a child, it inspired me to want enterprises of my own. Also, my maternal grandmother had several businesses. She taught me a financial aspect of her company.

Who or what has influenced you most in your journey?

My dad, James Everett, influenced me the most on my journey. Seeing my dad evolve as an entrepreneur was impressive to me. Whenever I need advice on anything business related, he would guide me. Since day one, he has been very supportive of me being a Vetrepreneur. I recalled he bought my first set of business cards. It was something he wanted to do for me. It revealed to me that he cared about my business, and he wanted to see me succeed.
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