Business Profile Epic-Cure, Inc.

Business Name: Epic-Cure, Inc.
First Name: Ken
Last Name: Mulford
Address: 2745 Industry Center Road, Unit #1
City: Saint Augustine
State: FL
Zip: 32084

About Us: Epic-Cure, Inc., is a charity consisting of volunteers with deep roots in Saint Johns County, Florida, committed to sustainable practices to nourish our planet and this community, providing good food to good people, and engendering an environment of accomplishment and success necessary to break the cycles of poverty and food insecurity.

Epic-Cure’s mission is to eliminate food waste and hunger through food rescue and distribution and leverage senior citizens to teach children to safely prepare meals, providing them with practical life skills and self-confidence from real achievement, while simultaneously connecting generations through a shared purpose.

What We Do:

Food Rescue – Through coordinated volunteers, we will pick up donated food from stores and restaurants.

Food Distribution- Food will be distributed daily to local people in need.

Cooking Classes – Engage Senior volunteers to work with school aged children, teaching them cooking skills to build their resumes and helping them feed their families.

Pet Food Manufacturing – With proteins that cannot be redistributed, we will manufacture and sell pet food to help fund the program.