Business Profile VitalKey Medical Innovations

Business Name: VitalKey Medical Innovations
First Name: Alan
Last Name: Kelso
Address: PO Box 26118
City: Jacksonville
State: FL
Zip: 32226

About Us: Are You Ready For Wearable 2.0?
The Future is Closer than you think when, merely counting steps with a wearable device will seem as quaint as, well, telling time with a watch.
The VitalKey™ wearable is going far beyond lightweight consumer applications like measuring your heart rate or tracking your sleep habits. In fact, it’s not just a “fitness” tracker and it’s for more than to boost engagement around simple fitness goals.
VitalKey™ is elevating the bar providing “Early Warning” of potential medical alerts through its revolutionary VitalKey™ InTouch Cue Network.
VitalKey™ is a unique entrant into the world of healthcare. Combining both hardware and an application/software platform, our solution allows everyone with a VitalKey™ Wearable to:
– The Monitoring of Vitals and transferring those vitals to the cloud 24/7 to be parsed and abnormalities recognized by our Smart AI and made available to key Family members, to our Proprietary YourDoc Telemedicine Portal where Physicians are alerted if a pattern is being detected and preventive care can be put into motion as well as being made available through Smart Home interactions through Alexa or Josh ai. The wearer through GPS will never be alone in the event of tragedy and when unable to summons help VitalKey™ will contact Family as well as 911 with your Vitals and GPS location.
A True Early Warning Wearable that will provide peace of mind and confidence for family members!