Business ProfileFlorida Training Academy

Business Name:Florida Training Academy
First Name (Owner/Contact):Eunice
Last Name:Mathis
Email:[email protected]
Address:2253 Cassat Avenue
Select One Category :Community
Please provide a description about your business (At least 200 words):Florida Training Academy (FTA) is a privately owned health, safety, and emergency training company that is located in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in affordable career certifications and workforce training options. We are an American Heart Association training facility for CPR and emergency care classes. We also provide accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant examination preparation classes for future nurses and medical professionals who prefer to challenge the state’s CNA examination.

FTA is owned and operated by Eunice Mathis, a native of Jacksonville, FL. Eunice is a Registered Nurse by trade and founded the business in 2008. Training future caregivers and first responders are Eunice’s passions and ministry. She and her team of instructors have trained thousands of adult learners.

In addition, Eunice serves as a Senior Training Center Faculty member for the AHA. With this role, Eunice trains and mentors CPR instructors who are located in three different countries (USA, Jamaica, and Africa).