Continuwell and TriageLogic

Business Name: Continuwell and TriageLogic
Dr. Charu
8834 Goodby’s Executive Dr. #F
Jacksonville, FL. 32217

About: Continuwell Improves employee productivity, overall wellbeing, and saves companies health care expenses. We customize an enterprise solution for each organization to ease member access to the company resources, improve communication education, guidance about health-wellness, and encourage employee use of more appropriate (and less expensive) healthcare resources. Employees receive a custom mobile application to ease access to company resources that are most important to them. The mobile app includes 24/7 access to free health ambassadors who evaluate symptoms, encourage usage of wellness resources provided by the company, and help drive lower healthcare expenses.

About TriageLogic®

Founded in 2006, TriageLogic is a URAC accredited, physician-led provider of high-quality services and software for Telehealth. We integrate a unique blend of innovative communication solutions with medical expertise based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the field. TriageLogic is a leading provider of top-quality triage technology, mobile applications, and call center solutions. The TriageLogic group serves over 9,000 physicians and covers over 18 million lives nationwide. With over 10 years of experience and six customizable products, TriageLogic continues to partner with private practices, hospitals, and corporations throughout the U.S. Visit for more information.