Eating your greens is easier with VeggieBoxx


With food quickly flying off the shelves, greater Jacksonville residents can still enjoy the benefits of a great salad with the introduction of VeggieBoxx from Hilliard’s Traders Hill Farms.

Founded in 2013, Traders Hill Farm specializes in aquaponics, the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, which generates leafy greens that grow faster, taste better, last longer, and waste nothing. Its founders desired a truly sustainable food production enterprise. In addition to the VeggieBoxx, the company has a full complement of leafy greens such as butter heads, red leaf, baby pak choi, and microgreens, as well as fresh fish, that they supply to local restaurants in the Northeast, Central Florida, and Southern Georgia region.

Hilliard’s Traders Hill Farm now offers a 3-pound VeggieBoxx direct to consumers via convenient pick-up locations. The VeggieBoxx features natural leafy greens that last longer, taste better, and inspire a safer way of eating. The bonus is that leafy greens are a perfect choice for consumers who prefer a gluten-free lifestyle.

As more and more people seek to change their lives by eating healthy, we want to make it easy for them to do just that,” said Traders Hill Farm President Tracy Nazzaro. “We’re pleased to be able to feed our local community and ensure that they have high-quality foods available to them as more consumers become health-conscious and want fresh, farm-to-table produce.”

The VeggieBoxxes contain no pesticides, no herbicides, and no fungicides, and feature Traders Hill Farm’s signature green romaine lettuce grown with care in its aquaponics greenhouse. Consumers can pick between three different options of VeggieBoxx: the single purchase, 7-day subscription, or 14-day subscription. Once you decide on your subscription, you choose a local pickup location where you receive your box of delicious produce.

VeggieBoxx soft launches with nine local pick up locations; an additional eight locations are coming online by May and the company expects to add additional locations weekly.

The current pickup locations and addresses are:

  1. Jax Avondale
    All Spiced Up, 3545 St. John’s Avenue

  2. Jax Southside
    Degree Wellness, 4668 Town Crossing Dr., Ste 137

  3. Jax Beaches
    Native Sun Beach, 1585 Third St. N.

  4. Callahan
    Callahan Country Kitchen, 542515 US-1

  5. Hillard
    Hilliard Meats, 551424 US-1

  6. Amelia Island
    Nassau Health Foods, 833 T.J. Courson Rd.

  7. Amelia Island
    Club 14 Fitness, 1114 S. 14th St.

  8. St. Mary’s
    Serendipity Market, 2300 St. Mary’s Rd. Ste. E

  9. Folkston
    Whistlin’ Dixie, 3742 W. Main St.