The Boba Tea kept me away but the delicious Vietnamese food won me over

I experienced Boba tea many years ago in California. For me, it was a strange texture that I could not fall in love with. Thus I avoid anything that contains large tapioca globules. It was not until my food Guide insisted we go to Q Cup Boba Tea Restaurant did I realize there was more to this place than the dreaded tapioca pearls.

This quirky little cafe somewhat dated, and busy, is the appropriate description for the decor. I was actually reminded of the restaurants I grew up eating in when in China Town in New York. Here are two of my favorite images, and there are many more.


The service is relaxed and friendly. The menu is loaded with pictures, so if you are not sure of what you are ordering, just look at the corresponding numbers. Each dish is made to order, except for the soup broth that is made fresh each day.

Our first menu choice the Tamarind Wings. The crispy wings were the perfect vehicle for the sweet-sour flavor of the Tamarind, the hint of spice was appreciated.

We paired the wings with deep-fried spring rolls. Steaming hot, from the frier, crip with a tasty vegetable. Served with a side of sweet and sour dipping sauce.








It would not be an official visit to any Vietnamese restaurant unless at least one soup was ordered, we chose two. The spicy pork and beef noodles, on the left and the Sai Gon with a slightly sweeter broth on the right.


Filling and tasty, I appreciated the zing from the pork noodle soup but coveted the shrimp and quail eggs in the Sai Gon.

We finished with Lemon Grass Chicken with rice, on the left. Cold rice noodles with lemongrass beef and mixed vegetables on the right. Both of these dishes delivered full fresh flavor with well-balanced spices. Simple, authentic, pure food one would expect to eat if visiting the country of origin.

I search out food that has not been “Americanized” to suit our tastebuds. I may have found it here at Q Cup Boba Tea and Restaurant.