Artist of the Generation

Name: Darrion “Gynesis0ne” Ates
D.O.B: 08/23/1990
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Musical Background: Participated in choral arts at the age of 11, marching band at the age of 13 (percussionist), and various other groups involving the performing arts.
Written and produced multiple original works (since the age of 9) as well as arrangements of popular hits. Fascination with all genres as well as bridging the gaps between them respectively. Prefers to use Fl Studio for producing/recording but, is also open to learning other software.

Educational Background: Studied Business Management and Computer Information Science at Florida Technical College in Jacksonville, FL. Received an Associates of Science degree in the respective areas.

Overall Goals and Objectives: Establish a partnership with engaging entities regarding distribution, publishing, and marketing pertaining to current and future intellectual property. Discuss financial expectations and touch base with day to day operation expectations.

Personal anecdote: In 2013 the actions and consequences of my life choices all came to a head. I felt alone, lost, and depressed enough to attempt to take my own life. Fortunately this decision was not the last that I would make. I spent the next few days in a facility learning to rebuild my self esteem and self worth. My new beginning gave birth to my new identity as an artist. Gynesis0ne.This rebirth sparked the idea of my brand Neovolution. This term that I coined means “New Revolution”. More so a movement than a brand Neovolution serves as a haven for those who seek to use their God given talents to propel society to the next level of thoughtful cohesion.