J.T. Vinson Clothiers – Wardrobe Makeover

A simple and effective concept, JT Vinson Clothier’s 90/10 initiative is an effective way to not only help your wardrobe, but those in need as well.

“Every 90 days, go through your business wardrobe. Evaluate every piece based on fabric quality and coloring, fit and general appearance.  Take the bottom 10 percent, and donate it to a charity, preferably one that help provide interview clothes to job seekers,” said fellow clothier, Dan Morroni.

Then, choose a piece that is slightly better in quality than your best piece of clothing.  It is important to remember that replacing with quality is better than with quantity.  This new investment will pay off as you move forward with the system, and your wardrobe will not only be updated, but will look richer.  You will see a difference, especially in your confidence!

Learn more about a wardrobe makeover at – www.jtvinson.com