Jacksonville’s Premier Investment Bank, Allen C. Ewing & Co.

Allen C. Ewing & Co. is an independent investment bank in the Southeastern United States. Founded in 1939, Ewing’s physical offices are located in two of the Southeast’s most dynamic cities – Jacksonville, FL and Charlotte, NC. Ewing uses its extensive market knowledge to execute a variety of business and financial transactions in an efficient and effective manner.

A large portion of Ewing’s practice focuses on the financial institutions industry. Ewing mostly deals with two main types of banks, community banks and thrifts. These two types of banks are very similar but with a some key distinctions.

Community banks operate in a way that promotes community investment and charity work. They are for-profit banks structured in essentially the same way as a corporate bank. A community bank uses customer deposits to create profits by investing or loaning it out to other customers. When a customer makes a deposit or buys a savings product from a “community bank” he’s essentially loaning money to the bank.

A thrift, sometimes called a savings and loan association, are federally or state-chartered institutions. Thrifts are owned by either their shareholders or by their depositors and borrowers. While there are some differences between savings banks and thrifts in terms of setup, Congress has made all federally chartered facilities the same in terms of the kinds of loans and investments they can make.

In an industry as highly regulated and competitive as investment banking, the timing of transactions is critical. Bankers are constantly challenged to maximize shareholder value. Ewing is ready to give expert guidance and offer solutions.