Local Farm Animal Sanctuary Invites you to Shop with a Mission this Holiday Season!

Hi!  I’m Elaine West, founder of the magnificent Rooterville Animal Sanctuary near Keystone Heights, right in Jax’ back yard!  We are home to over 300 amazing rescued farm animals of all types, but primarily pigs as you might guess from the name!  Most of our visitors come from the Jacksonville area, we are open to the public for tours and visits Friday-Sunday and all holidays.  We also welcome guests by appointment for private tours, visits and overnight stays.

We opened an online retail store to give people who love animals the opportunity to spend their money where it will have a big impact on not just the lives of animals, but our community too! Rooterville has been helping animals in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas with things like spays/neuters, advice to help keep pets in their homes, vet bills, fencing and shelter for animals in homes where they cannot afford those things to help pet pigs stay in their homes.

Our store is not a typical “thrift” store, our products are all new and high quality.  We’d love to tell people more about Rooterville and our store, The Pink Pigs.  Please let me know if you’d be interested in helping us get the word out!  Our websites are:  www.rooterville.org and www.thepinkpigs.com  Thank you!

Elaine is the founder and can be reached at 352-262-7313