“Media Champions” with Nic DeMore from Margle Media

Nic DeMore
COO / Co-Owner at Margle Media
Website Address: www.marglemedia.com

Each week on “Media Champions,” our host talks to media experts across the country.  This week our host speaks with Nic DeMore from Margle Media. To learn more, check out www.marglemedia.com.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

Platform popularity and an integration with VR/AR. A shift to more organic-feeling content/ads.

What is the advantage to working with an outside media buyer as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?

Typically an outside media buyer will have a wider range of knowledge, having worked in many different industries. They are forced to become experts on all platforms and for various campaign objectives, as opposed to being more focused on an internal campaign/goal which can result in too-narrow of a focus for an internal marketing director.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to media planning?

Don’t disregard any avenue/marketing platform too quickly.

How does a media buyer stay on top of trends with media placement?

Research, courses, seminars, practice.