Strike up a Chord: POCO, Pure Prairie League and Orleans

The Florida Theatre is hosting countless memorable hits of the 1970s, all on one stage with POCO, Pure Prairie League and Orleans!

POCO, originally formed by Jim Messina, Richie Furray and Rusty Young after the breakup of Buffalo Springfield in 1968. They are best known for the hits “Crazy Love,” “Call it Love” and “Keep on Tryin.”

Pure Prairie League hit the scene in the late 60s and was skyrocketed to popularity with their hit country rock song “Aimee” as well as “That’ll be The Day” and “Let me Love You Tonight.

Orleans is best known for the hits “Dance With Me,” “Still the One” and “Love Takes Time.” Orleans has been going strong since 1972 and is currently led by Original Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter John Hall.

Come out to The Florida Theatre on July 27 for a nostalgic night with friends!