UNF Spring Iron Pour- April 13

Every year the sculpture students at the UNF produce one of the most amazing days to show the process of converting scrap iron into art. It involves a lot of heat, a real concern for safety and molten metal. It’s the Spring Iron Pour.

Jenny Hager, Associate Professor of Sculpture at UNF has a student project , where students create a model sculpture, make a mold of it and then fill the mold with molten iron. Casting the pieces takes all day. It’s a well choreographed process, because with molten iron you need to be safe. Each mold is poured, cooled and then the sand mold broken off to reveal the piece.

Visitors can also participate by etching designs in “scratch blocks”, which will also be cast. Small scratch blocks are $10, larger are $15.

The Iron Pour will be on April 13, from 4 – 8PM, behind Building 6, parking in Lot 9 and 10. Cost is free, but it’s recommended you bring your own lawn chair.