“Ask The Attorney” with Lewis Fusco, Fusco Law Group

Each week on Ask the Attorney, our host Steve Strum talks to buzz worthy people from all over the legal profession. This week on The Buzz, Steve spoke to Lewis Fusco, from Fusco Law Group.

Lewis Fusco: “Originally we focused exclusively on criminal defense. Our reputation as aggressive defense strategist grew in Jacksonville and the surrounding area. Our clients knew that we weren’t afraid to take their case to trial and fight for their rights. Over the past six years, the trust we’ve built with my clients brought new opportunities. Former clients contacted me daily seeking advice on legal issues not related to criminal law. That’s why we expanded to other areas of law as a way to ensure our clients have the best possible representation no matter what issue in life they’re facing. We now handle criminal defense, family law, personal injury, entertainment law, and wrongful death premises liability”

To learn more about the Fusco Law Group, visit the website http://www.fuscolaw.org.

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