“Around Town” with Cole and Ashley from Thompson Therapy

Each week on “Around Town,” our host Tiffany Howard talks to members of the Orange Park community who are making an impact. Today, Tiffany and Steve Strum talk to Cole and Ashley from Thompson Therapy.

Dr. Thompson’s equine therapy program operates from the idea that within the horse-human interaction, moments of self-realization may eventually be experienced consciously and thus successfully integrated into one’s character and way of being. This may take shape in different ways for different people but the beauty of horse-guided therapy is in its simplicity.

To learn more, visit https://www.thompsontherapy.com.

How do you define success?: Client success = our success.

What is something unique about your business?: No one is doing equine therapy the way we do. It’s heavy in horsemanship, which is therapeutic on its own, and we just help people to interpret their experiences and plan for the future.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?: Land acquisition. Managing people. Managing horses is easy.

The Biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?: We will be adding a film production crew for Instagram and YouTube channels.