Business Profile Être

Business Name: Être
First Name: Illana
Last Name: Raia
Address: 311 Ocean Ave
City: Spring Lake
State: NJ
Zip: 07762

About Us: Être is a mentorship platform for motivated middle school girls. With curated links, after-school clubs and in-person role model events with female leaders at global companies, Être – as our French name suggests – helps today’s girls figure out who they want to be. Our Board, made up entirely of middle and high school-age girls, drives everything we do – choosing which companies we visit (Spotify, Google, YouTube, Viacom, NYSE and more), what fields we want to learn more about (aerospace, finance, advertising, medicine, sports, engineering, to name a few) and what projects we take on next. Être’s first book “Être: Girls, Who Do You Want To Be?” releases this fall, and breaks down big topics like financial confidence, philanthropy, mentorship and entrepreneurship for our next generation of leaders. With quotes and interviews with 40 luminary women and input from 50 girls across the country, #EtreTheBook is a tangible expression of the Être platform and a resource to be used again and again by girls everywhere.