Business ProfileWild Taproot

Business Name:Wild Taproot
First Name (Owner/Contact):Libby
Last Name:Jennison
Email:[email protected]
Address:10183 Golf Club Drive
Select One Category :Health
Please provide a description about your business (At least 200 words):Wild Taproot is an edited range of small-batch botanical beauty products and herbal medicinals. With both eyes on long-term health and beauty, I formulate only with plants, oils, and clays to ensure that daily exposure to personal grooming products and health aids is a healthful practice, not a harmful one. In addition to the daily exposure of products, there is also the daily exposure to our routines. Wild Taproot, as a brand, encourages folks to ritualize daily routines. Not only does this turn habit into pleasure, but it also grounds us in the wisdom and steady rhythm of consistency.
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