Ruby Tuesday brings on the Fajita Fiesta to cure those cold weather blues

Don’t let the winter blues hit you, go on over to your closest Ruby Tuesday and treat yourself to this new special. For a limited time, Ruby Tuesday is offering $7.99 fajitas. With three options to choose from, there is undoubtedly something for everyone’s taste. You can enjoy a chicken, veggie, or shrimp option.  And if you like, you can add chips and queso for $1.99 plus $2 mini margaritas!

We treated ourselves today and were feeling much better after the experience. Here is our take on the offer. We started with the Mini Margaritas.  Icy and well-salted the drinks were the perfect introduction. For the additional $2, the size of the beverage was a steal.


Mini Marguritas
Mini Margaritas
Keeping with our tradition, we selected the Chips and Queso. Our server brought us a plate full of crispy, lightly salted warm chips accompanied by zesty warm queso dip.
Chips and Queso
Chips and Queso
Since we were unable to decide which Fajaita to order, we opted for all three.  It was the only choice, right?
Selection of Fajatas
Selection of Fajitas
Serve with ample amounts of lettuce, cheese, and sour cream we were happy to dig in.
Chicken Fajata
Chicken Fajita
Shown here the chicken, served atop a mixture of mixed vegetables. We found the chicken tender and moist, the grilled vegetables lent a note of smoke, once put together with a few of the sizeable jalapenos this fajita was amazingly flavorful.
Shrimp Fajita
Shrimp Fajita
Our shrimp fajita was equally a good and filling, plump shrimp were sublimely enjoyable, the grilled veggies elevated the mixture.
Veggie Fajita
Veggie Fajita
The Veggie Fajita was the sleeper of the trio, oversized slices of zucchini, plump mushrooms, onions, peppers. Well seasoned and just begging to be eaten. This was our favorite.
We highly recommend this latest offering from Ruby Tuesday. With three locations to choose from taking a break from the winter, doldrums is good for the soul, and Ruby Tuesday has the cure for the blues.