“Caring for Seniors” with Williams Nields from Headwaters Health

Each week on “Caring for Seniors,” our hosts sit down with those who are hard at work in the community, making sure our elders are properly cared for. This week, David Stieglitz and Adrienne Houghton talk to Williams Nields from Headwaters Health.

Headwaters Health is a full service Primary Care Office with a mission is to optimize their patients’ health and eliminate chronic diseases by treating the root causes of illness and developing healthy communities.

To learn more, visit https://www.headwatersjax.com.

Short Company Description: A holistic and root cause analysis approach utilizing allopathic, naturopathic, and functional medical modalities better offers our patients the opportunity to take control of their health and live their lives to the fullest potential. We believe every person should be treated as we would want to be treated and we focus on serving our patients to the best of our abilities. We offer unique programs to help people reverse chronic medical problems like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Overweight/Obesity, and even Cognitive Decline (Brain Health). We are growing and continually adding services to further help our patients.

Give a brief description on what you would like to discuss on the show.: Our Cognitive Health Program. We are certified in the Bredsen Protocol. As seen on Good Morning America and Dr. Oz we leave no stone unturned looking for driving factors of brain aging/decline. By addresssing these factors comprehensively we see remarkable improvements in brain health that were previously thought impossible.

What makes your company unique?: We are very focused on addressing the foundation of optimal health. By addressing the root causes of illness we frequently see patients coming off medications, improving quality of life and avoiding expensive and risky procedures. This approach allows us to keep our patients out of medical offices and procedures rather than other business models focused on profits.

How did you get your start in the industry?: I chose a career in Medicine to help people. I love Primary Care as I am able to develop long term relationships with my patients.

How is your business handling the COVID situation?: We have increased greatly our telemedicine services. We are doing more home monitoring and home health services. We have isolated “sick visits” to an outdoor covered area and we are maintaining the highest standards for sanitization.

What advice would you give to someone just getting their start in the industry?: Take care of yourself, it’s a marathon. Be a healthy example to your patients. Focus on helping people, the reward will sustain you through the hardest days.

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?: I love to organize community events to support people in maintaining healthy lifestyles. Exercise outings, Healty Potluck events and Health Symposiums.