Interview With Body Aqua Founder Sherman Williams Jr.

Why do you think veteran’s make outstanding entrepreneurs?

Veterans make outstanding entrepreneur’s, due to the integrity, service, motivation and sacrifice to the Nation, reshaping their approach to life. Life is about understanding the concept of purpose. The purpose of a vetrepreneur is unlike an entrepreneur that hasn’t sacrificed service to a country to not only support others dreams of being American but what it takes to build the foundation of that purpose, with direction, morale, values, and understanding.

How do you transition from the service to the world of business?

The transition is complicated because the team has changed from All to One. The One has integrity when others don’t, The One has Vision when the others are about self-reward, and The One isn’t appreciated for the sacrifices made for the freedoms many don’t appreciate. Unfortunately, the world isn’t color blind like the military, making the transition very disappointing and painful.

What inspired you to become a Vetrepreneur?

My experience in combat, brought me closer to my God, realizing faith is required to make a difference in a world we all share. Selfless service doesn’t end with service, but it’s what you do to solve a problem, while supporting other Veterans who need more than gratitude or a thank you for your service; after serving multiple combat tours, multiple deployments, loss of life or limb, while experiencing separation from family understanding that life is short, and many have served their country longer than they have truly lived as citizens of this great nation, appreciating life, liberty, and justice for all we all served to defend.

Who or what has influenced you most in your journey?

Honestly, I can say God has protected me in this journey, keeping me safe when my weapon malfunctioned in combat, while blessing me with the idea of body aqua came to me during a 15-month combat deployment to Iraq, enduring the blistering heat, frigid cold and long hours to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy today. God has blessed me in so many ways that I realize that its not what you tell people, but what you show them through action regarding your ability to truly make a difference when no one believes in you, regardless of your serving this country, becoming a formality of thank you for your service but what else.

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