Three Supplements You Need for Arthritis

by Arthritis Foundation

The rule of thumb is to eat a well-balanced diet that consists of all the foods you need to fight arthritis inflammation, bone loss and arthritis-related diseases. However, there are three nutrients you can’t get from food alone: omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D. Learn how these three nutrients play a role in fighting arthritis inflammation.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are an important weapon in fighting the inflammation from arthritis. They are also helpful in aiding heart health, cognitive health and diabetes. Although omega-3s are found in a variety of foods, such as salmon, kale and walnuts, researchers still recommend taking additional supplements. Find out what makes omega-3s so great for arthritis.



Calcium is important for developing strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. Depending on your age, you need between 1,000-1,200 mg of calcium a day. If you feel like you’re not hitting the mark, talk to your doctor about whether calcium supplements are right for you. But don’t go overboard with calcium supplements, because too much of it can be a bad thing. Learn about the pros and cons of taking calcium supplements.


Vitamin D

If you’re taking corticosteroids, vitamin D is an important nutrient to have. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system, which can be compromised due to medication. Vitamin D also regulates calcium and phosphorus. Consult with your doctor to determine if your medication is affecting your vitamin D levels and what you can do to increase it.