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Last Minute Kids Costumes

Bandit – Dress in black pants and black/white striped shirt. Paint large black circles around the eyes like a black eye mask. Carry a plain drawstring bag & draw a “$” on it or create it using black tape. Your bandit will make out with great treats! Identity Theft – Write names on name tag…


Candy Benefits?

Feel guilty when your kids eat Halloween candy? A study from Harvard’s School of Public Health revealed that people who eat candy outlive those who don’t when consumed in moderation and there are no other health risks at hand. Gum and the act of chewing can improve your mood, reduce stress, increase mental focus, and…


Youth Crisis Center

The Youth Crisis Center has served as a haven for community children of Jacksonville since 1974. CEO and President Kim Sirdevan has held many positions in her 17-year tenure. She started as a therapist for the organization and has also served as department manager, chief clinical officer and clinical director. “We provide a space for…